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Keyboard Controls (Although we strongly recommend using gamepad)
Move: ASD
Jump: W or Space
Punch: J

Be prepared to test your platforming and fighting skills on this unforgiving and nostalgic adventure!
We want you to fight like you never did in any other game but also have some nostalgic moments finding secret walls, defeating pattern-based enemies and bosses!

If you like platformers like Megaman, Castlevania, Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Shovel Knight, Guacamelee, etc, then Smashing Spirits was made for you! We made a straightforward action-platformer for you, our beloved platformer player that wants to challenge yourself and explore different mechanics!

STORY: Spartans at Amazon!

Brazil Island is an Amazon-inspired land populated by indigenous. The different tribes lived for a long time alone but a few years back some ships came through the ocean with foreigners, white warriors with armors, shields and swords (inspired by ancient mediterranean civilizations), they’re called the Cari people. It seemed that the Caris would not give much trouble, but as time heal all the wounds, it also seems to catalyze all human conflicts as well.

INTENSE COMBAT: Quick Reaction & Precision are Key

You’ll feel like a real boxer! Your reaction time will be essential in combat, find openings, attack weak spots with combos fiercely and think quickly to dodge the enemy’s attacks properly!

OVERLOAD SYSTEM: Play fast and don’t get hit! Be rewarded with power!

Blow the freak out of your enemies by playing with mastery! If you play fast and aggressively without getting hit you will unleash the spiritual power! Each one of the 4 levels will increase your power and speed drastically!

NOSTALGIC SECRETS: “How can I get this damn fruit?”

We also have fun for your curiosity! Get secret items and save the beloved Aiyra’s animal companions, it will make your adventure much easier and if you like to collect everything on the game, you will love it!
PS.: The secrets doesn’t block your progress on the game


  1. Steam Integration: Achievements, Trading Cards and Cloud Save.
    Nostalgic Bosses: 4 tough bosses with pattern-base movements like the classic side-scrollers.
  2. Straight to Action: No running around with lots of texts or customizations that take hours. Just enjoy a single player campaign full of tough combats against 30+ enemies distributed on 5 stages.
  3. Difficult Adjustment: Too hard for you? No problem, we made a “Nutella” mode just for you!
  4. Unlockable Mechanics: Get new skills to have more dodge and attack options!
  5. Tight Controls: Move with precision and speed by using the tight controls we’ve implemented.
  6. Full Gamepad Support: We recognize more than 30 gamepads. Use our recommended configuration or configure your own button actions.


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demo-v2 win x64
demo-v2 linux
demo-v2 mac
demo-v2 win x86